SportZmix Soilblending Solutions

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Engineered Planting Soils

Planting Media Soil Blending...And So Much More...

  • The success of a landscape plan starts from the ground up.  
  • Plants need the right growing media to survive and thrive. 
  • To create outstanding planting soils for your landscape, SportZmix Solutions homogeneously blends all types of organic and inorganic soils and amendments.
  • To ensure your soil's success, we provide assistance in finding, selecting, and testing all raw materials. 

Experience You Can Trust...

  • The SportZmix Solutions team has worked extensively in North America and internationally, creating growing media for all types of plants, from turfgrasses to trees.
  • Our experienced operators and support staff qualify the best available raw materials close to your jobsite. 
  • We then turn them into the materials you need to create outstanding landscapes.

Quality Work at a Competitive Price...

  • SportZmix Solutions will meet your project's material specifications and keep you informed every step of the way. 
  • We utilize both onsite quality control testing and independent laboratory testing to ensure the consistency of your material.

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Representative Projects

The SportZmix Solutions team has extensive experience manufacturing custom growing media for all types of landscape plantings.   We have experience blending nearly any type of soil amendment you may need. 

Our crews have created outstanding soils from compost, sphagnum peat moss, topsoil, lightweight media, perlite, porus ceramic, diotomaceous earth, sand, slow-release fertilizer, and numerous other materials.

Our mobile processing equipment can also screen and amend on-site topsoil to create better media for turf establishment.